March 2014 – Interpon Powder Coatings announces the standardization of cure schedules across their class leading ranges.

Our Interpon TC range and our Interpon D1000 range can now be cured using the same cure schedule, giving you peace of mind with improved productivity and reduced energy costs without compromising on price or durability.

Darin Kirkwood, General Manager for Interpon Powder Coatings explains, “Today’s production environment requires flexibility, quick response to color change and technology specifications and speed to market. The Interpon philosophy is to provide products with one single uniform cure schedule with positive cure results which support these requirements”.

Take the Risk out of Curing – Customers can be exposed to unnecessary risks when oven temperatures change constantly to meet curing guidelines. Often to negate this risk, customers bake at higher than recommended temperatures to ensure curing is achieved.

By re-engineering our Interpon TC formula we are now able to eliminate a major pain point for customers without compromising on product stability or robustness. Interpon products are quality tested to deliver outstanding performance and durability, and now also offer peace of mind with standardised curing.

Ask your Interpon representative or call our Interpon Customer Care team on 1800 630 516 for a copy of our new Standardised Cure Schedule brochure, outlining how this system will provide greater peace of mind, increased freedom and flexibility and true cost savings based on realistic production line schedules.

Interpon TC Cure Schedule

Interpon D1000 Cure Schedule