Three of the biggest players in Architectural Aluminium, Coatings and Glass markets are now providing expert advice for architects and specifiers under one roof.

Interpon Powder Coatings recently partnered with Capral Aluminium and Viridian Glass to create the cutting edge Capral Aluminium Showroom. The first of its kind in Australia, the showroom was developed to provide architects and specifiers with expert technical advice on powder coating, aluminium and glass.

Positioned in the heart of Australia’s largest urban renewal project at Melbourne’s Docklands, the Showroom displays dozens of residential products and powder coating samples on site, giving the visitor a real-life example of how Interpon Powder Coating products will assist their project.

In the past, many architects and specifiers have been limited by paper product samples and have spent large amounts of time sourcing information. The showroom’s accessibility and educational facilities are intended to alleviate some of these problems.

Sharon Winbanks is Specifications Consultant at Interpon Powder Coatings. She says the Showroom will give clients a vastly enhanced idea of the effects of certain powder coatings.

“The product samples we send to clients are often small but the showroom has products in-situ. This means architects can clearly see our colours on the products they will be using.”

“Glass, aluminium and the colour are often the responsibility of one person, so the showroom becomes a one-stop-shop and clients can address a few needs in one go. “

“All three products are technical and difficult to get right. It’s very common in the aluminium and powder coat industry to have an ‘insufficient specification’. Architects need help to ensure the products they choose are fit for purpose.”

The showroom was also used to hold a Continuous Professional Development (CPD) workshop late last year which was a great success. Architects were introduced to the technical side of how Interpon, Viridian and Capral products are manufactured, and facilitate an opportunity for continual professional development. The attendees also received three formal points towards their CPD, as required by the Australian Institute of Architects.

“The industry is progressing all the time: new products are coming onto the market, with innovation and new technology so it’s important to stay informed,” says Theresa Tyrrell, Thermal Performance Assessor, Viridian.

Feedback from attendees was very positive. “Many weren’t aware of the broad spectrum of products offered, and they loved how the companies are working together,” says Catherine Pitliangas, Specification Sales, Capral Aluminium.

“All the showroom floor displays are interchangeable and new products will be rotated through every six to 12 months,” Pitliangas says.

“We hope to open additional showrooms in other capital cities across Australia soon.”