AkzoNobel Powder Coatings has announced that it’s Interpon D3020 Fluoromax coatings series (now branded in Australia as D3020 Fluoromax) for architecture have been awarded a Certificate of Material Excellence by Material ConneXion and accepted into Material ConneXion’s library of innovative materials.

The Materials Library is the largest collection of advanced, innovative and sustainable materials and processes in the world. The archive features more than 7,000 cutting-edge materials in eight distinct categories. Interpon D3020 Fluoromax features in the Polymers section.

Fiona Levin-Smith, Specification Manager AkzoNobel Powder Coatings, commented: “Interpon D3020 Fluoromax went through a strict review process and was assessed by a panel of professionals with materials experience in order to be accepted into the Materials Library. We are very excited that the coatings will be displayed in all of Material ConneXion’s ten global locations and in their online database, highlighting the leading edge technology that Interpon D3020 Fluoromax offers.”

Interpon D3020 Fluoromax coatings, as it is known in Australia, use innovative fluorocarbon polymer technology to deliver superior protection and performance, on par with liquid PVDF. Formulated to provide exceptional longevity for exterior use on a wide range of applications, Interpon D3020 Fluoromax is ideal for use in high UV, high humidity and coastal marine environments or any environment where premium durability is required, without compromising powder coatings’ inherent sustainability characteristics.

Levin-Smith adds: “Interpon D3020 Fluoromax series is an exceptional product. It’s great to see it recognized as such by an organization which is widely regarded as an authority on materials.”

Interpon D3020 series is part of the Interpon D Powder coatings range designed specifically for architecture. The Interpon D series offers top quality architectural coatings that meet and exceed every AAMA, Qualicoat, and GSB specification and are created with durability and superior weathering in mind. The Interpon D range is available in solid colors, metallics, textures and more.