AkzoNobel Powder Coatings is proud to launch the new global Interpon ACE range of powder coatings for Agricultural, Construction and Earthmoving equipment.

Previously available in the United States and Western Europe, the Interpon ACE range has now been launched on a global scale. Our widespread operations and production facilities guarantee consistent product color, quality and performance anywhere in the world. Marie Cecile Dekker, Global Automotive Manager, commented:  “We are building a strong track record, with a number of OEM approvals in established ACE markets. Launching the Interpon ACE range on a global scale will allow us to offer local supply and serve our existing and new customers even better.”

The Interpon ACE range offers highly durable coatings with excellent color and gloss retention and superior anticorrosion properties.  Products in the range are guaranteed by the ACE MasterSpec – which ensures and certifies product quality – and comply with even the most rigorous and demanding OEM specifications.

The new product range allows customers to choose the product performance level that best suits their requirements. As a result, customers can tailor the balance of cost and performance to individual project needs.

Tabitha McLeish, Global ACE Marketing Manager, added: “The Interpon ACE range has been very popular in the US and the Western European markets. We are excited to be able to extend the product range to the global market and serve some of the world’s largest and fastest growing agricultural and construction industries.”