White Paper: Steel the Show: Preventing Oxidisation of Galvanised Steel with efficient Specification


With construction costs in Australia on the rise and growing awareness of environmental issues across the globe, there is a demand for materials that are durable, long-lasting and cost-efficient. In this white paper, we take a look at steel and how galvanisation can enhance its strength, durability and appearance. We also address the common misconceptions that galvanised steel cannot be powder coated and that it offers only a limited warranty and design life. Specifically we outline how Metaplex Commercial’s unique two-coat system works by creating an additional protective barrier between the zinc and the powder coat layers. This barrier inhibits the process of oxidisation and ensures the integrity of the steel below as well as the powder coat finish.

Download this white paper to learn about steel protection & Metaplex commercial.

For more information:

Frederic Berger  
Regional Specifications Manager
Interpon Powder Coatings
E: Frederic.Berger@akzonobel.com
M: +61 0414 161 044


Updated Living Colors Color Chart now available

Interpon Living Colors Colour Chart

The Interpon Living Colors colour chart has been updated to reflect the current trends and demands for domestic residential and general industrial applications. 

Featuring an impressive 151 stocked colours in a variety of matt, satin, gloss and textured finishes, it’s easy to find a suitable colour and finish for your application.

The updated colour chart is available for download and order.


Adobe_PDF_file_icon_24x24 Interpon Living Colors Color Card


For more information, please contact your Interpon Account Manager or give our Customer Service team a call on 1800 630 516.

Interpon launches BIM solutions for Revit

Interpon Powder Coatings are now available as BIM objects


Interpon Powder Coatings, a leading global manufacturer of powder coatings, has made their architectural commercial ranges, D2015 Ultriva and D3020 Fluoromax, are available as Building Information Modelling (BIM) objects. 

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is an 3D model-based process that provides architecture, engineering, and construction professionals insights and tools to plan, design, construct, and manage buildings and infrastructure more effectively.

The D2015 Ultriva and D3020 Fluoromax ranges consist of a wide range of colours in gloss, satin, matt, flat matt, metallic and textured finishes. 

The objects are available in Revit formats (compatible with Revit 2015 and newer) and can be downloaded from www.bimobject.com/interpon.


For more information, please contact:

Gareth Connell
Regional Specifications Consultant
Interpon Powder Coatings
T: 0418 196 205
E: gareth.connell@akzonobel.com

White Paper: Aluminium Cladding Understanding Flammability

White Paper: Aluminium Cladding Understanding Flammability

Flammable cladding is a topical concern of both the construction industry and the general public, thanks to high-profile incidents such as the Grenfell Tower tragedy. Generally speaking, aluminium is a non-combustible material. However, the two main types of aluminium cladding– aluminium composite panels and solid, powder-coated aluminium cladding– offer vastly different flammability properties.

Download this white paper to learn about these flammability properties.

For more information:

Gareth Connell 
Regional Specifications Manager
Interpon Powder Coatings
E: gareth.connell@akzonobel.com
M: +61 0418 196 205


Christmas Closure 2017


Christmas Closure 2017

Interpon Powder Coatings will be closed over the Christmas and New Year period.

Our office and warehouses will close on Friday 22 December 2017 at 12pm and reopen on Wednesday 3 January 2018 at 8.00am (AEST).

While no orders will be taken or despatched during the closure period, you can still contact our accounts department for payment or credit assistance.

Customer Service will be open from 8.00am to 5.00pm AEST (7.00am to 4.00pm WA time) from the 3rd to 5th January 2017.

We will return to normal trading hours on Monday 8 January 2018.

We recommended that any products required during the Christmas shutdown period are ordered as early as possible.

The schedule for orders on the last day is as follows:

State Order Schedule – 22 December 2017, Friday
NSW Last orders should be placed by 11.00am on 21 December 2017, Thursday
SA Last orders should be placed by 2.00pm on 21 December 2017, Thursday
WA Last orders for 9:30am delivery; WA warehouse closes at 12:00pm
QLD Last orders should be placed by 11.00am (local time) on 21 December 2017, Thursday
VIC Last orders should be placed by 3.00pm on 21 December 2017, Thursday


Gold Coast Sports and Leisure Centre Goes Gold

Gold Coast Sports and Leisure Centre Carrara


As the countdown for the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games begins, the Gold Coast Sports and Leisure Centre is emerging as the centrepiece of the newly revitalised Carrara Sports Precinct. The Centre rises from the bank of Clear Island Lake in Carrara, Queensland, resplendent in an eye-catching, sub-tropical palette of yellow and ultramarine blue. Its sprawling 16,500m2 footprint is home to over 5300 spectator seats and 15 multi-use sports courts, which will host a number of Commonwealth Games events including badminton, weightlifting, and wrestling.


Gold Coast Sports and Leisure Centre Carrara


Designed by BVN Architecture and taking just under four years to complete, the $101 million Centre represents the best and the brightest that the Gold Coast has to offer in terms of sports training and completion facilities. Throughout the design process, BVN had to comply with standards set by the Commonwealth Games and International Sports Federations, as well as those of the local council. The resulting project embodies – and triumphs over – the challenges faced by high profile projects that need to meet high standards, and is evidence of how rewarding such projects can be when done right. It’s rare that a project so closely captures the spirit of the program for which it was designed: the Centre does this and more with flair, the bold, colourful design clearly communicating the vibrancy and high energy of the Australian sporting spirit.


Gold Coast Sports and Leisure Centre Carrara


To realise the soon-to-be iconic design of the Centre, BVN turned to Interpon Powder Coatings, the largest manufacturer of powder coatings worldwide. Drawing from their unbeatable experience as the trusted frontrunners in powder coatings technology, Interpon’s team of experts closely colour-matched the architects’ palette to bring their drawings to life. “We were able to work collaboratively with our Coil Coatings (liquid paint) team and Bluescope® Steel to match the corresponding powder coat colour to compliment the exterior durability required for the project,” said Gareth Connell, Interpon Regional Specifications Manager.


Gold Coast Sports and Leisure Centre Carrara


Warranty-grade Interpon D2015 Ultriva™ products in Carrara Gold Matt and Copper Penny Matt met the long-term legacy requirements of the Council and will hold their sunny colours for years to come. The Interpon D2015 Ultriva product range offers outstanding performance with a 20-year film integrity and 15-year colour and gloss retention guarantee.


Gold Coast Sports and Leisure Centre Carrara


The warmth of the project also reflects the human element that organisers of the 2018 Games are championing in the lead up to the event. “This is a special event… it stands for everything good about humanity,” Gold Coast 2018 chief executive Mark Peters told Inside the Games earlier this month. “We want to make sure the Gold Coast and Australia continue that.”


Gold Coast Sports and Leisure Centre Carrara


The gold-tinged façade is fitting in more ways than one: once the Commonwealth Games end mid-April 2018, the Centre will become the new home of the Gold Coast AFL Club, aptly named the SUNS.

“We are absolutely delighted,” said Andrew Travis, CEO of the Gold Coast SUNS, about the impending move, “I can’t wipe the smiles off people’s faces.”

Carrara Sports Stadium


Carrara, Queensland


Interpon D2015 Ultriva™ Carrara Gold Matt

Interpon D2015 Ultriva™ Copper Penny Matt




Hansen Yuncken


Safetyline JalousieOz Roll Pty Ltd


2016 – 2017


AAF (NSW), Yates Powder Coatings (QLD)

Items Coated

Louvre Windows, Extruded Aluminium

Interpon Textura® completes Tait’s award-winning outdoor lounge range

Coated in Interpon Textura® Headland

There’s no doubt Australian’s love the outdoors, with the climate often hailed as one of our country’s best features. However, as always the good must come with the bad; with the sunny summer days and mild winter months coming hand in hand with some of the most extreme weather events in the world.

Not that that scares us off from taking full advantage of the great outdoors. For a long time, our backyard enjoyment has been synonymous with a barbie and some weathered furniture, visibly having served their rites of passage more than once over.

Coated in Interpon Textura® White

Maybe this doesn’t need to be the case anymore. Maybe we’ve grown up, having learned a few lessons about design along the way and bettered the infamous Australian Ugliness that Robin Boyd called our attention to over 50 years ago.

“Refined luxury, alluring forms and sensory detail” are characteristics not always associated with outdoor furniture, or an ability to withstand some of the harshest weather conditions at all. And yet Tait’s range, and particularly their latest collaboration with Sydney designer Adam Goodrum, ‘Trace’, has produced exactly that – even picking up the prestigious Best Product Award at this year’s Denfair.


Coated in Interpon Textura® Black

“[Adam’s] style is very tactile; the whole range had to be very tactile and warm and friendly,” said Susan Tait, Creative Director at Tait, a premium and contemporary Australian outdoor furniture designer and manufacturer.

“The process was very much a collaboration,” Susan acknowledged, with numerous breakfast phone calls with Adam and plenty of trips between Melbourne and Sydney, where Adam is based, along with visits to suppliers and manufacturers in order to find the ideal materials that would hold up to the Australian climate and look good doing it.

“The technology behind Trace is amazing. It’s because the materials available today are at such a high standard now that we can even consider making a product like this.

Coated in Interpon Textura® Deep Ocean

“When it came to the powder coat, we were trying to find a textured powder coat [to fit that need for tactility] and it was really great timing. [Interpon] launched Textura® around that time and my factory manager came up and told me. “Oh, we’ve just got these samples in!” I nearly fell over.

“The colors were just perfect. We used three of the standard colors and had Interpon make up a custom color, which was fantastic. And because of its properties – scuffing resistance and all these sorts of things that you normally have trouble with when powder coating, [Textura®] really completed the range.”

Interpon Textura® is a robust new range of powder coating solutions from Interpon Powder Coatings. Textura® was designed specifically for outdoor applications, imbued with an ‘anti-mar’ finish to protect the surface from abrasions. The exterior grade coating is made here in Australia and is ideal for all manner of surfaces wherever performance and protection are required, such as outdoor furniture, window frames, and fencing, among others. All of the Interpon Textura® range is VOC and lead-free.

 Download Interpon Textura® Brochure

 Download Interpon Textura® Technical Data Sheet

Interpon D Fire Testing – AS/NZS 1530.3 – 1999 Part 3 – Spread of Flame

High rise building

Due to the scope of architectural components on a building that is typically powder coated, we have undertaken an independent testing assessment in accordance with AS/NZS 1530.3 – 1999 Part 3. This determines the fire ratings and suitability of specific coating systems for aluminium coated cladding, extrusions, fixings, and components.
Based on the independent test results, Interpon D2015 and D3020 powder coat finishes are suitable for use on internal and external architectural cladding, extrusions, fixings, and components.
Download below datasheets for results. For a copy of the detailed test results, please email marketing@interpon.com.au

 Download Interpon_D3020 Fire Testing Results

Download Interpon D2015 Fire Testing Results 

2017 Color of the Year is Denim Drift

AkzoNobel Color of the Year 2017 Denim Drift

Get ready to dig out your blue jeans because our color experts have selected a shade of blue called Denim Drift as the Color of the Year for 2017.

Announced during the launch of the 14th annual ColourFutures™ trends forecast, Denim Drift is the foundation for an inspirational palette of colors centered on the expected global social and design trends that will shape how we live our lives in the upcoming year.

Behind the scenes, color research for Color of the Year 2017

The overall theme for 2017 is ‘life in a new light’ which encourages us to take a fresh look at the everyday elements of life. Depending on how it’s used, the color Denim Drift leaves a different impression; combined with lighter shades of paint in the palette, it has a crisp and airy feel. With darker colors, it’s more dramatic and moody.

We’re already ahead of the curve looking at everyday life in a different light, because our very purpose at AkzoNobel is to create the everyday essentials that make people’s lives more liveable and inspiring.

Behind the scenes, color research for Color of the Year 2017

Our resident color visionary, Heleen van Gent who is the Head of the Global Aesthetics Center says, “We understand how essential color is to everyday life. As well as being practical, paint and color can have such a transforming and uplifting effect on people and the places they spend their time, whether at home, work or leisure.”

Color Futures is a demonstration of our leadership in color expertise and all around innovation. We can all be proud of the work that has been done to date to build our long-standing reputation as thought leaders in color, interior design and global trends.

Interpon D2015 Sablé CoreTen now available as a stock item

Due to popular demand, Interpon D2015 Sablé® CoreTen® (YX350A) is now available as a stock item.

Exclusive to Interpon Powder Coatings, the tactile finish of Sablé CoreTen mimics the textured, rustic and distinctive appearance of corten steel.

Performance warranty available when applied by Interpon Approved Applicators

  • 20 year film integrity
  • 15 year color retention

Adobe_PDF_file_icon_24x24 Download Interpon Sablé® CoreTen® Product Brochure